A couple of things: 1) Are we sure this isn't spelled magnaCite? That's the typical spelling for ore types. Does someone have a script they can check or a chemistry book to reference? 2)A chemical compound containing an element (magnesium) cannot be a source of that element. "Magnesite is a mineral, chemical formula MgCO3, that is a source of the element magnesium." The way it's worded here makes it sound like the ore creates the element, which is not the case. That needs to be clarified to indicate the element is separated from the mineral by processing or other means. If the inaccurate PNA isn't the right way to get attention for this, apologies, but often Talk pages go unnoticed. Logan 5 18:57, 11 Oct 2005 (UTC)

There are two forms, 'magnasite' and 'magnesite'. I've checked the script of "Inheritance" were it is 'magnesite'. (mineral and ore are the same I see, it never was an element) In "Necessary Evil" there is spoken of 'magnasite' in drops which can burn away duranium. I removed the formula because I could not find in a script. 'magecite' I could not find in any of my scripts. -- Q 17:00, 15 Oct 2005 (UTC)

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