Okay... I've just made an effort to turn this page from a stub, into as much of a full blown article as this character deserves. I did want to make some justifications for why I wrote what I wrote, so someone writing the page for Olivia Picard (perhaps me later... perhaps not... no promises) will know why I picked which seemingly random daughter.

Assumption 1: That the page we have for character Mimi Picard was correct. I think thats a reasonable assumption.

Assumption 2: That the page we have for the actress Olivia Hack was correct. I think this is also a reasonable assumption.

All the best evidence I could find agrees that even if the above two assumptions weren't correct... that at worst... it was these two above assumptions that were reversed, and that neither in fact were Madison Eginton.

I seriously immersed myself far more deeply into this topic then it really deserved, considering it was all of five minutes of one movie... but it was a listed as a "stub page" on the Recent changes page... so I figured it'd be fun. It was. I feel very confident in everything I've said. I welcome grammatical, and spelling corrections, but I ask that any disputes with the facts be explained, because I do have my reasonings. -- Hossrex 02:00, 30 November 2007 (UTC)

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