Starbase Lya IIIEdit

The episode "The Hunted" is very clear on this topic. Captain Jean-Luc Picard orders a course for Starbase Lya III. This is the full name for the base. So,why delete it? Would you like me to quote the exact line? (And, if I do create another article, say for a starbase, isn't that redundant and wouldn't it be merged?)--Airtram3 21:25, 15 February 2007 (UTC)

  • If Lya III is a planet then the content of the article should be about the planet, if it is a starbase it should reflect that. Your page move, may have been by name correct, but the page content still reflected the fact that it was a planet-- which is how I stated it in my move back: "As the article states, this is a "planet"...for the "starbase," create a new article." A planet is a stellar body, a starbase is an installation on or in orbit of said body- it would be like merging the White House or Earth Station McKinley with Earth because they have a similar association as you speak of. But if we don't know that Lya III is even a planet, that omission should be made explicit and article content made consistent with the associated page move. --Alan del Beccio 21:40, 15 February 2007 (UTC)

Lya or Lyra? Edit

At the end of TNG: "The Hunted", Picard clearly tells Crusher to set coordinates for "Lyra III." I've listened carefully and he definitely says "Lyra," this is also matched in the subtitles on Netflix. ProfessorTofty (talk) 02:01, April 7, 2016 (UTC)