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XIV ? Edit

Scotty said "No doubt to be followed by Louis of France and Robert the Bruce.", what other argument do we have to say it was Louis XIV and no other. The 9th ("Saint-Louis"), 14th ("Sun King" 17th century) and the 16th (guillotined after the French Revolution 18th century) may be the most well known outside France, but don't see the point in preferring one to another.

The two other references I found on Louis XIV is a non-canon document in the Picard family album "La Charte d'Originale donnée par Louis Quatorze en l'année 1662" (original charter given by Louis the Fourteenth in the Year 1662) shown in the bonus of Star Trek Generations and the character of Louis XIV (checked) in the Gold Key #9 "The Legacy of Lazarus". - From Cardassia with pain 02:06, February 12, 2011 (UTC)

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