Apprentice pictureEdit

There's a request on the requested images page for the Apprentice in VOY: "Muse". This is a task of some difficulty as the actors are uncredited, and the apprentice appears to be unnamed in the dialogue. It would really take the script to decipher this one. However, the following person might be the apprentice:

Kelis' species apprentice

Am I the "apprentice"?

This guy didn't exactly speak, but he was featured in closeups. He appears to be an apprentice, as he's not a part of the regular performers. He acts as a sort of "scribe" in the episode, furiously writing things (possibly the scripts) down in the background of several shots. And he's given the task of taking the note in his hand to B'Elanna. If you can confirm this to be the apprentice, please move the pic from this page to the main article page. Otherwise, suggest that the image be deleted. Thanks :) CzechOut | 15:18, 21 October 2007 (UTC)

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