Who's who?Edit

so where's the red striped dress? -- Captain M.K.B.

this girl wore a red striped skirt and a red dress and is defenitely NOT Lisabeth Shatner, since Shatner is a redhead. This girl might be Kellie Flanagan. There is a redhead girl in a darkred-striped dress, but that girl might be too old, since according to imdb Shatner was born 1961 and that girl appers to be at least 12 or 14. - Ken Keeler

Did some research on William Shatner's daughters, there are three of them:

I found a picture of Shatner and his daughters on his, found here.

This picture was shot about the time when "Miri" was shot (in 1966). the girl on the left seems to be Leslie, then 8 years old, the girl on the right is Lisabeth, then 6 years old. At the bottom Melanie, then 2 years old.

Seems to me, that the girl on this picture is Lisabeth,

This picture depicts either Melanie or (as i suppose) Kellie Flanagan. A picture of Flanagan from "Ghost & Mrs. Muir, The" can be found here.

I did not find a(nother) 2-year-old girl on the episode, so i think Melanie wasn't in it. There IS an older girl in a dark-red-striped dress (picture here) in the episode. Maybe it is Leslie Shatner, some other girl, or i am totally wrong. -- Ken Keeler

Continued here: talk:Leslie Shatner. --Alan 01:31, 28 February 2009 (UTC)