I don't think it would be too unweildly for the possibility of an in-show explanation to be given. Perhaps, in this case. MACOs recycle or borrow suits... Corporal Kelly may have had his uniform damaged at some earlier time and had ot use someone else's.

Just as a possibility in the background information section.


Ok, after I went through all shows, we have a problem. In "Countdown", "Kelly" returns to Enterprise with Sato, after he was called Kelly by Hayes. But he clearly wore the name tag "E. Hamboyan" in this episode. There was never a name tag which had the name Kelly, but Kevin Derr wore the name tag "E. Hamboyan" in most of his appearances. So we have no proof that Kelly is his real name, because Hayes called Hamboyan Kelly.

I would move this page and let it as a redirect to either E. Hamboyan (Corporal) or into the existing E. Hamboyan article. Maybe there were two Hamboyan's, who knows. If this article would stay, it is a problem in itself, because we have to remove Countdown and Zero Hour from it and put into the Hamboyan article, but he was named Kelly in the same episode. Any ideas or comments? – Tom 18:35, 29 June 2008 (UTC)

I believe in the content policy it says that dialogue trumps costumes. We had a similar issue with Chakotay's rank (see Talk:Chakotay). Despite the fact that Chakotay's uniform wore lieutenant commander insignia throughout the entire series, it was decided we would go by dialogue and refer to him as commander. So, going the Chakotay route, "E. Hamboyan" and "Kelly" are one and the same. Perhaps Kelley was Hamboyan's middle name or a nickname of some kind? Basically, when dialogue comes into play, ignore the costumes. ;) --From Andoria with Love 20:25, 1 July 2008 (UTC)