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Iota Geminorum (60 Geminorum) is a G9III giant star named Propus. Propus has some 70 planets of which some 40 are terrestrial, 20 gas giants of compositions varying from H-He to N-O to Ar-Kr, and 10 other types. Of the terrestrial planets, some 8 are class M, but 6 of these were terraformed to be class M. Propus is unusual in that the inner solar system has apparently been the victim of some terrible disaster in that the inner 90 AUs of the system are comprised of a series of asteroid belts where many planets should be present. Propus I is 92 AUs out from the star and has a roughly Venuslike climate. Propus IV is one of the two original class M planets and is home to the polygeminus grex, or tribble. Propus IV has an incredible variety of carnivorous animal life, of which the business end of the food chain is the fast-breeding tribble. Propus LV3 is interesting in that it is roughly the mass of Uranus, but is 90% water ice.

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