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Intake vs. Impulse manifoldsEdit

Is there a reason to believe than an impulse manifold is distinct from an intake manifold? Or does the impulse manifold refer to both the intake and the exhaust? The term seems to be used interchangably in Enterprise, as both get clogged, need to be purged, and adversely affect propulsion at sub-light speeds if not maintained. Plus, in similar gaseous nebulae, both terms are heard. In the thermobaric clouds, the concern is for the effect on the "intake mainfolds" (ENT: "The Expanse"), but in the Briar Patch, it's for the "impulse manifolds" (ENT: "The Augments"). Is one a generic engineering term, while the other applies only to impulse engines? Would it therefore be correct to say that the intake manifolds for impulse engines are called "impulse manifolds"? CzechOut | 02:37, 22 September 2007 (UTC)

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