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Moved from Talk:D'akturakEdit


This isn't a person, place, or thing, but rather a phrase; should be merged with Klingonese. --From Andoria with Love 03:58, 4 December 2006 (UTC)

I don't know, it could stay as Koloth's nickname and still be referenced as a word on the Klingonese page.--Tim Thomason 04:03, 4 December 2006 (UTC)
Agree with Tim. --Bp 06:45, 4 December 2006 (UTC)
I wonder if this could be merged with ice man. After all, it's apparently the same thing just in two languages. Kennelly 01:06, 12 February 2007 (UTC)

Merged with ice man as suggested. --From Andoria with Love 11:49, 6 March 2007 (UTC)


or someone who lives or originates in an icy or arctic region.

Both references on this page were to those who stay cool under pressure. --LauraCC (talk) 20:10, March 11, 2016 (UTC)

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