"IKS Patakt"Edit

This name was never mentioned on screen or otherwise, what is the source for this article? Gvsualan

The episode script. --James Cody 11:39, 17 Dec 2004 (CET)

Yes, however, in the episode it was changed to Bortas, which should negate what the script says. If not, could the policy on accepting what the script says versus what airs be clarified a little better? --Gvsualan 21:54, 17 Dec 2004 (CET)

Are you sure? The Bortas was a Vor'cha class cruiser but the two vessels escorting the Enterprise-D were Bird-of-Preys.--James Cody 23:25, 17 Dec 2004 (CET)

The reference to the named Klingon ship was long before they entered the Neutral Zone and before we saw the BoPs. I saw no implication that any of those ships were intended to be the Bortas, it was more so indicated that this whole "surprise" was arranged with whomever aboard the Bortas, which in turn dispatched the BoPs. --Gvsualan 04:17, 18 Dec 2004 (CET)

While the IKS Bortas was depicted as a Vor'cha-class vessel in TNG: "Redemption", it was also used in dialogue in reference to one of the Klingon birds-of-prey seen in TNG: "The Defector". Obviously these must be two different ships we are talking about. And yes, since the name was changed, I think this article should be deleted. -- Captain Mike K. Bartel

Novel reference Edit

  • The novel The Final Reflection by John M. Ford postulates a fictional series in Klingon culture called Battlecruiser Vengeance, which seems to fit a similar cultural niche as Star Trek fits in our own universe. It is worth noting that both this IKS Bortas and the 22nd Century D5 Class IKS Bortas (ENT: "Judgment") could be seen as the Klingon language equivalent of "Vengeance." It is possible that the Bortas was meant as a nod to Ford's novel, and given the name was given to a battlecruiser in the 22nd century, only to be passed down later to the flagship of the Klingon empire, it may be that the ship name Bortas holds the same kind of respect for the Klingon Empire that the name Enterprise holds for the Federation.

I've removed the above. The "it is possible" and "it may be" statements mean that we don't know for certain that this was a "nod to Ford's novel", and until we do it shouldn't be in the article.--31dot 20:45, June 28, 2011 (UTC)