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A deleted scene from "Home" (ENT, Season 4) had Jonathan Archer visiting his father's grave. The inscribed birth an death dates are 2077 - 2133. Now it seems the latter was revised by "Borderland" (ENT, Season 4). Also in that scene, he placed stones on his fathers grave. This could suggest that Archer is supposed to be a Jew, as this is a Jewish tradition (symbolizing eternity). T'Jara, 14:47 GMT, Jun 29, 2006

I think the script had Jonathan putting pieces of rock he'd collected from his travels, which isn't quite the same as stones as per the Jewish tradition. Also, in ENT, Season 4, in Daedalus, Jon told Dr. Emory Erickson that his father gave him advice before his pilot's test -- one would assume Archer wasn't 14 when taking the test. This continuity error between Home, Borderland/Cold Station 12 (actually, Clarke's Disease was discussed there) and Daedalus makes the date of death confusing. Spock111
I removed:
  • In "Cold Station 12", it was revealed that Henry Archer died when Jonathan Archer was 12 years old. However, in this episode, Archer tells Emory Erickson that the day before he entered flight training, he asked his father for advice. Therefore, either Archer was in flight school before he was 13 years old.
...from the "Daedalus" and "Cold Station 12" pages, but added it here because it is also addressed here. What seems to be consistently pointed out here is that 'as a pre-early teen Archer was too young for flight training.' There are certainly more than one example of "children" who were capable of "flying," even nowadays. Also, what should be noted is that Archer referred to "flight training"...not "flight school", as was previously referenced in ENT: "Twilight", "Similitude", "Stratagem" and "Singularity", where it was clear that he was older. --Alan 22:19, 16 March 2008 (UTC)

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I've removed the following note: "It is unknown what became of Henry Archer's biography, though it was presumably published shortly after the events of "Singularity"." This deletion is because the note is a mix of what we don't know, and a speculation (neither of which we list). --Defiant (talk) 16:35, December 4, 2016 (UTC)