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Captain Mike, I can understand a need for Grammar check, but this article is all based off canon fact. If there is anything you don't think is accurate come out and say it. --TOSrules 03:13, 8 Oct 2004 (CEST)

It's all canon just going to work on the style a bit --Lsigler 12:50, 28 Oct 2004 (CEST)
I've just rewritten this for better literary style -- JohnG

High-security or low-security?

The article on the penal colony on Elba II indicates that it's a high-security complex for dangerous criminals, as does the article on the planet Elba II itself. This article on Garth, however, specifically states that the penal colony on Elba II is low-security. Which is it? -- Renegade54 00:41, 22 February 2006 (UTC)

  • Good catch. For one thing, the episode itself does not call Elba II a "penal colony". It's referred to as an "asylum" several times, and as a "colony" once. So it might be more comfortable looking than a prison, but between the poisionous atmosphere surrounding it, and the sheilds that Enterprise can't dent, it's pretty high-security to me. I think the perspective might be wrong, anything could be low-security from the POV of incarcerating a shapeshifter. I'll take a look at Garth and see if I can clean it up. BTW, I wrote the "Elba II colony" article today, based on seeing the link in "Wanted Pages"... But I think it really should be "Elba II asylum" now. --Aurelius Kirk 01:05, 22 February 2006 (UTC)

Is Garth actually human?

I know he appears human, but so do like a million other species in Star Trek. The cellular regeneration trick he picked up was also "taught," not "gifted with" as the article suggests. "Of Izar" could be an affection he gave himself, but I doubt Starfleet would recognise it (Kirk /refers/ to him as "Garth of Izar") unless it was a naming convention from his home planet. (Izar?)

--Jovan the Un1337 01:33, 11 June 2009 (UTC)

Our policy has been to go by appearance in determining race unless other evidence proves otherwise. Even if he is from another planet as "of Izar" suggests, he could still be human. I don't recall if there was other evidence which would suggest he wasn't human, though. --31dot 01:50, 11 June 2009 (UTC)

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