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TOS mention

needs an explanation of the planet's mention in TOS -- Captain Mike K. Barteltalk

I've just checked the script here, and Gamma Canaris IV isn't mentioned. Here's the part where Gamma Canaris is mentioned:

Whatever that thing is outside, he yanked us off course from the Enterprise. Now on course 98, mark 12, heading directly toward Gamma Canaris region. We've got to get Miss Hedford to the Enterprise.

Zsingaya Talk 13:38, 22 Sep 2005 (UTC)

Not Gamma Canaris IV!

See here:

Kieran's data @ Spike's site

It's actually Gamma Canaris N, which is a tip-of-the-hat to the planet seen in TOS: "Metamorphosis". Although the name of the planet was not explicit (it was in the "Gamma Canaris region"), The infamous TNG chart, and Trimble's Concordance all call it Gamma Canaris N [1], which is quite possibly from the script.

I suggest merging this with Gamma Canaris, and adding a background note to that page mentioning the N notation.

-- Harry t 13:39, 23 November 2006 (UTC)

I just had another look at that personnel file - and found that it apparently says: "GAMMA CARANIS N". Now, what do we make of that? :) -- Cid Highwind 17:49, 5 March 2007 (UTC)

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