G4 TV seems to have stopped running Star Trek 2.0 and TNG 2.0. Although some will say the show goes on with the interactive online game, many will argue that the executives have allowed the interactive game to slide to the wayside with little to no attention paid to game updates. The concept of the game are stocks that are designed from fictitious ideas. The stocks (several dozens) go up or down in value depending on events in the show. Seems lately, G4 TV has come under critisism by many of the vewiers that play and once played the game for not paying enough attention to the online game, thus making it impossible to play. Also seems their concerns have fallen on deaf ears or have gone unread. Many of the players of the online interactive game were advid fans of both the show and game, many of which have shown little interest in continuing their pursuit in victory in the excellent concept that this ground-breaking idea gave to both the show and the internet.

G4 is garbage. They destroyed TechTV, and then later canceled all the old G4 shows as well. Now it is just the same generic re-run dump that every cable channel is. About Trek 2.0, what did you expect? Based on the history of the network, what did you really expect would happen. My favorite parts of your ridiculous comment are "G4 TV has come under critisism" and "concerns have fallen on deaf ears." As though the situation was ever different. --Bp 03:01, 22 May 2007 (UTC)

G4 seems to have stopped running Trek altogether, since 1/1/08 - both TOS and TNG are off the schedule. - Adambomb1701 20:53, 18 January 2008 (UTC)

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