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I removed the passage below, as its POV was a mixture of real-world and the Trek world, and I was unsure how to integrate it into what I wrote. Anyone who can, however, should restore it in an appropriate place. I am also unsure if the spelling of the Fundoscopic was correct; I had thought it was Funduscopic. Anyone have a copy of the script?--31dot 13:07, 17 December 2007 (UTC)

Visual inspection of the interior of the eye[1]. Often used to diagnose CMV retinitis. In diagnosing the extent of Chekov's subdural hematoma, Dr. McCoy was correct in stating that it would be inconclusive. It would not have aided in gaging the severity and extent of Chekov's injury.

The doctor who suggested it may have been grasping at straws, however, McCoy's reaction suggests he didn't know what a fundoscopic exam was, thinking it may have been a highly invasive procedure. In the 23rd Century, such primitive methods of examination no longer exist, and are more than likely relegated to ancient history, rather than medical technology.

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