I removed the following speculation:

The exact nature of the term and the office such a term confers upon the holder is unknown. The term could be a military rank, similar to Admiral, General, Captain, Colonel, etc... The term could be title of nobility, such as: Prince, Grand-Duke, Duke, Marquess, Count, Viscount or Baron.
There is clear evidence that royal and/or noble titles exist on Ilari. Ilari is a hereditary monarchy, ruled by an autarch, likely equal to an emperor on Earth, since the planetary ruler's residence is called the "Imperial Palace." There was mention of a viceroy, who would some ally himself with Tieran's government. (VOY: "Warlord") Traditionally, a viceroy is a position or title held by a noblemen or military officer, who serves as the ruler or governor of a territory on behalf of a monarch.
Although some evidence supports that Resh was given a title of nobility for his loyal service to Tieran, there is no hard evidence to support this conclusion and the rank/title will remain a source of speculation.

Not only is this speculation, but a castellan was the ruler of a castle or a keep in medieval times. The writers were just using an existing term, as with autarch. -- Renegade54 10:04, 20 November 2007 (UTC)

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