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I don't recall the reference to Kirk's fetus being under "constant scan"- when was that? I also am not seeing what the "his fetal lifespan was split" comment is supposed to point out- everyone who was alive when the Narada arrived had their lives "split". 31dot 23:21, June 8, 2012 (UTC)

Winona makes her entrance in the film as she is wheeled out of what is very clearly sickbay. The attending says "We'll deliver in the shuttle". She had obviously gone to the sickbay whilst in labor. It is therefore not speculation to conclude that the fetus was under scan at the time the alternate universe formed — unless it's your contention that there are no fetal monitors in sickbay because Abrams chose not to show them.
The point of the statement is that Kirk is, as far as we know, unique. He's probably not, according to the law of averages. But he is the only person shown to have been a fetus at the time of the reality shift. If this were the article on the alternate reality, such a statement would not be particularly profound since, as you point out, there were billions of people who had their lives split. But this is the article about fetuses, so it is remarkable that he was a fetus in one reality, and briefly a fetus in the new one, before being born. After all, it is one of the central narrative points of the film that the alternate reality is as old as Kirk. And this site already gives a nod to this idea by using the same picture for both Winona Kirk and Winona Kirk (alternate reality).
czechout@fandom    23:38: Fri 08 Jun 2012 
Also, as she's being wheeled towards the shuttle, there's an Asian American actor on her right who has a portable device. He angles it towards her, and appears to read from it at several points. At one point he looks at it and says, "Just keep breathing you'll be fine". What's that if not a scan?
czechout@fandom    23:45: Fri 08 Jun 2012 

I guess I get the "constant scan" part; I must have glossed over the part about it being while the reality split off. I'm still not personally convinced that the latter part is noteworthy- as surely there were millions of pregnant women alive when the Narada arrived- but I guess that's just a judgement call. 31dot 00:20, June 9, 2012 (UTC)

The different pictures on the prime and alternate reality pages for the Kirk's is simply because using the same image in multiple sidebars is frowned upon, though in those particular cases the "prime" image is a shot with least non-prime elements. Efforts are made to not have the same image in both a class/type sidebar as well as an individual starship sidebar for the same reason. - Archduk3 00:38, June 9, 2012 (UTC)