Help, I vaguely remember an eppisode where the crew or some of the crew travelled trough time and in that eppisode Riker was comanding a vessal i thought was called enterprise it could travel at much higher speeds i recall though it is a vague recalection that it travelled at warp 14 i would love to see that eppisode again, please enlighten me what was the eppisode called. My email address is ( if you can help i would be ever gratefull.

That would be "All Good Things...", the final episode of TNG. Let me know if that is the right episode and I'll remove your e-mail adress, for your own protection. --Jörg 07:55, 25 October 2006 (UTC)

To I read the summary of the episode of TNG entitled All Good Things, it did say that Riker was commanding the Enterprise because something happened to Captain Picard. It did not mention however how fast the Enterprise was travelling, as matter of fact the Enterprise couldn't have travelled at warp 14 ( the highest maximum warp that a starship can go is warp 9 which was achieved by the USS Voyager)-bonnie09