The only reference to this is in VOY: "Maneuvers":

  • TUVOK: "We are being hailed by someone using a Federation signal."
  • TORRES: "How could someone be transmitting a Federation signal from the Delta Quadrant?"
  • PARIS: "Maybe Starfleet found a way to get a probe here. Maybe they're looking for us."
  • JANEWAY: "I'd like to believe that too, but let's not jump to conclusions."
  • CHAKOTAY: "See if you can authenticate the signal."
  • TUVOK: "The carrier wave frequency does correspond to standard Starfleet security codes."
  • JANEWAY: "As of when?"
  • TUVOK: "According to the encryption key, this particular code was not scheduled for implementation until stardate 48423."

Interpret that as you may. --Alan 04:03, 2 June 2007 (UTC)

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