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Medical data, Inquisition

Medical data.

At the beginning of the episode, some medical data is seen on a viewscreen, Bashir then downloads said data onto a PADD. The text was taken from the Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy and slightly adapted to make it sound more Star Trek-like, including adding tricorder scans, a reference concerning Tellarites and replacing X-ray with "internal thorasic imaging". Here's what I was able to make out:

A sensation of difficulty in breathing. Dyspnea, is a
symptom, not a sign, except in certain cases (see:
Diagnosis and management of pulmonary disorders
requires a history and physical examination, and
usually internal thorasic imaging. Pulmonary function
testing, tricorder analysis of blood gases, chemical
or microbiologic interactions, and bronchial pos-
XX variances are standard procedures.
A sudden explosive expiratory maneuver that tends
to clear material from the airways is a familiar but
complex reflex. Differences among several sites from
which cough stimuli can originate may result in varia-
tion in the sounds and patterns of coughing. Cough
can protect the lungs against aspiration and..." --Jörg 14:28, 2 December 2006 (UTC)

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