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The body of the stub currently says:

In 2141, Duvall was a pilot in the NX test program and the first Human to break warp 3 in the NX-Delta prototype - after first choices A.G. Robinson and Jonathan Archer had some trouble with authority after making an unauthorized test flight to avoid the closing of the program. (ENT: "First Flight")

Which leads me to several questions. First of all, where in "First Flight" is a date of 2141 given? I've been all over that episode twice now and can't find a date. Second, what evidence is there from "First Flight" that Duvall got the NX-Delta because of a punitive action taken upon Robinson and Archer? Archer's recounting is that Duvall's flight was no less than 1.75 years after NX-Beta, with the most reasonable reading of the account being that it was actually 2.1 years. (To closely paraphrase, Robinson and Archer were grounded for three months, the Vulcans made 'em run simulations for a year, and 8 months after that Duvall broke warp 3.) At no time does Archer say that he missed out on NX-Delta because he was under disciplinary action at the time. Nor does he suggest that either he or Robinson were actually "due" the flght, but got it taken away from them. It was long enough from the act of disobedience that one could safely assume that Duvall was probably just up in rotation. CzechOut | 13:46, 7 October 2007 (UTC)

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