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Please add references!Edit

What's with the rest of that information:

  • Denobula is heavily populated
  • The planets single continent
  • home to twelve billion people
  • Denobulans prefer to be in large groups.

Any of that might or might not be canon - please ALWAYS add a reference to the episode that fact was mentioned in... -- Cid Highwind 19:11, 1 Jun 2004 (CEST)

Off the top of my head, Denobula's population and singular continent is mentioned in "The Catwalk". The Denobulan preference for large groups was mentioned in "Doctor's Orders". --A peckover 19:18, Jun 1, 2004 (CEST)

Page moveEdit

The only reference I can find to "Denobula Triaxa" was in reference to the system in "Breaking the Ice", when Phlox stated that he was "from a system called Denobula Triaxa." It made no reference to that being the name of the planet, nor seem any of the other episodes referenced on this page. Every reference to his homeplanet has been simply "Denobula". --Alan del Beccio 09:54, 5 Dec 2005 (UTC)


This was removed (a long time ago) from the page on Enterprise for lack of a source, and nothing seems to have come forth since, so removing it here also. -- Capricorn (talk) 18:54, August 14, 2012 (UTC)

Actual planet? Edit

I don't know if this was stated/referenced but I'll do that again if so. Is Denobula the counterpart or alter-pronunciation for the star Denebola? Like one of it's planets could be Denobula? --CaptainAlphaWiki22 (talk) 19:48, April 22, 2016 (UTC)

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