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This text was added today, and seems a combination of speculation and wrong POV stuff:

The location of the Dalmine Sector is not exactly known, however, the extent of Talaxian space is at least hinted in the episode Fair Trade not to exceed further than the Nekrit Expanse suggesting the Dalmine Sector (perhaps a Borg designation for the aforementioned area of space) is at least on the other side or closer to borg space, since Borg Space was not encountered until the end of Season 3.
No known borg activity has ever been mentioned to take place anywhere in Talaxian space as of Season one and Season Two, since Neelix himself seemed never to have heard of the Borg before Season four it could be suggested that the encounter between the Talaxians and the Borg may have been a one off contrary to Seven of Nine's remark of the Talaxians making excellent Drones since Talaxian and Borg space is intersected by at least two inhospitable areas of space encountered by Voyager in Season Three, the first being: "The Swarm" and the second being the Nekrit Expanse.

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