Hmm, info incorrect and bias Edit

Unsucessful is a bad word. It could be partially sucessful or partial failure.

- The purpose of the Crusades (Atleast offically) Was to: Defend Constantinople, and Take the Holy Land. - The Crusaders took Jerusalem and most of the Holy Land, and even after the end of the Crusades they held cities there --User:NeoExelor

They took some of the Holy Lands, and held them for a little while, but they were pushed out. Successive crusades tried to take the Holy Land back, and they all failed. Even Constantinople eventually fell to the muslims (even if it was a long period of time later). That said, I think I will remove "unsuccesful," I think it is enough to say "attempts." --OuroborosCobra 01:14, 8 June 2006 (UTC)
I agree that unsuccessful should be removed (and if it were used, I'd recommend correcting the spelling).
After all, there is still a mostly Christian army fighting Muslim insurgency in a big chunk of the Holy land today. I'd say we'd have to wait for the conclusion to comment who gets to keep the Middle East. -- Captain M.K.B. 03:10, 8 June 2006 (UTC)
Not that this is the place for it, but the holy land does not tend to include Iraq. It is primarily Israel (and some areas of Jordan and Lebanon). --OuroborosCobra 03:12, 8 June 2006 (UTC)

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