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Problem with captions?Edit

Captions seem a little informal and excessive in certain places in this article, and I'm not sure we need this many images for this episode. Comments? - <unsigned>

Removed Edit

Removed the following quotes:

"Ijarna's wife hit him again? Why does he stay with her?"
"Skip to Item 12."
"Public lewdness."
"The same night Ijarna reported the assault, I found him and his wife... errm... behind the information kiosk on the second level."
"That answers my question."

- Kira Nerys and Odo

"I don't know why Captain Sisko insists on having me here. I'm not a senior officer."
"Well, maybe he just wanted to see you in your dress uniform. It does show off your figure."
"Why, thank you."

- Miles O'Brien and Julian Bashir

"There are other ways to create order in your life--your quarters for example. Everything in mine has its specific place and it's all arranged just so."
"Yes, mine too. Even with my eyes closed I would still know where everything was."
"I would not tolerate it any other way."
"I'll tell you what else to do. Make sure everyone knows they can't just drop by your quarters to say "hello." If someone does, whatever happens, don't make them feel welcome."
"Of course not. That would only invite subsequent visits."

- Odo and Worf

"The truth is, the Bajorans are even less successful than most humanoids at hiding their emotions."
"So you're saying it's as plain as the nose on my face?"
"I've been working with the Federation for a number of years - they claim to be open and understanding, but somehow, they're always convinced that they're right. It can be exasperating at times."

- Odo and Shakaar

"You know, I've been a soldier, and I've been a politician. And I have to say I'm beginning to think that... being a soldier was easier."
"Ah. Well, I'm afraid I... don't know much about politics."
"Well, you agree with me. As far as I'm concerned, that makes you an expert."

- Shakaar and Odo

"... [The Cardassians] must've thought very highly of you."
"I know Kira does. She once told me she trusted you with her life."
"Well, I'm gratified to hear that."
"I always found her to be a good judge of character. So I'll trust you with mine, too."

- Shakaar and Odo

--31dot 21:14, 12 July 2009 (UTC)