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Perhaps this should be split into Cranial implant (Borg) and Cranial implant (Cardassian)? Jaf 01:58, 29 Jul 2005 (UTC)Jaf

The pseudobiology needs more thought here. Leukocytes are blood cells. You wouldn't "repair" the damaged ones already in the body. As described in this episode, you'd want to clone new healthy ones. Then (not described in this episode), you'd want to remove the damaged ones by apheresis (a procedure that removes the blood, sends it through a machine to remove the leukocytes, then returns the rest of the blood product to the body). Separately, you'd infuse the healthy leukocytes into the patient, similar to a blood transfusion, as a replacement for the removed damaged cells. 17:29, 25 April 2008 (UTC)

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