Please do not write that he was German-Polish astronomer. Look at orginal Wikipedia that says Copernicus is Polish. Do not make some nationality-legitimate discussion, this is Star Trek universe. Nationality is important, but symbolic :). PS In Silesia there lived Polish and German people ;) It`s not a proof of his nationality. PPS And I think that for Copernicus was more immportant to proof that Earth is moving round Sun ;) The preceding unsigned comment was added by Shad (talk • contribs).

Well,then we should also not write 'Polish' astronomer regardless what the English wikipedia claims, but 'European'. If you are able to read German, in the German wikipedia article there is a long part about the quarrel about his nationality.He certainly wasn't German, but he wasn't Polish either. I'll change it to European now. Kennelly 17:08, 15 Oct 2005 (UTC)

It`s very clever Kennelly ;) In middleages it`s hard to say about nationality. Either we can say that he was native-Prussian (the baltic nation close ti Lithuanians and Latvians...) LOL. Regards, shad.

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