The word Legate is not Cardassian though. It is Latin.

Quote: Also, what seems to be a governmental title, Legate, has been referred to - Legate Ghemor, and Legate Damar (previously Glinn Damar).

In the article it refers to Legate as being used by the Cardassians, which is accurate, even if the word isn't Cardassian, which it could well be. I think that it's fine as is, leaving the ultimate choice up to the reader. Illito

'Glinn' etymology? Edit

'Glinn' could be composed of 'Gul + inn', which would imply that suffix '-inn' is a diminutive.

Thus 'Glinn' might be decomposed as meaning roughly 'vice-captain'.

Odo'ital Edit

Hm, I thought odo'ital meant something like "nothing special", "nothing of note", "no use" or something like that, being the label on the "rock sample" that turned out to be alive. The shortened form Odo then means "nothing". It's been ages, I might be remembering it wrongly. -- Catharsis

Odo ital means 'unknown sample' according to a Odo in a conversation on DS9.

Why should there be very little known about the Cardassian language??? Cardassians speak English throughout the depctions seen on screen which means that their language is being translated by the universal translator and indeed very much is known about the Cardassian language. Or is my interpretation of interspecies communnication as explained above not supported by canon? Hope I can be of help... 17:50, December 29, 2014 (UTC)

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