Re: the locationEdit

I added some location information for the Café which I think can be rightfully claimed, considering that the views from the UFP presidential office and that of the cafe are nearly identical (owing to the fact that it's the same scenic drop!). Given the angle and distance of this view it's logical to assume the two places are located near each other. -Foravalon 09:42, 12 February 2007 (UTC)

Previous menu translationEdit

I think I've made some improvements to the translation of the menu, but to be honest my French is pretty bad so I figured it would be safer to put the alternative previous one here, in case I did something wrong. (In any case the whole thing could really do with another look from someone who speaks French at near a native level - I don't, and it really seems to me the previous person didn't either) -- Capricorn (talk) 09:30, November 20, 2015 (UTC)

  • "The management reserves the right to remove anyone who does not understand this menu. If you need to ask the price, you cannot afford to eat in this restaurant. No shirt, no service. 50 million French can't be wrong. (In English): Gauling, isn't it?"

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