I think this is another example of something with to much "real life" information. Plus, is the image from Star Trek? Cause if we can get an image from Trek, it'd be better. If it's not, we haven't traditionally kept it, as far as I know. -AJHalliwell 02:24, 8 Jul 2005 (UTC)

Moved from page: Aircraft Specifications:

Manufacturer: Lockheed
Base model: F-104
Designation: F-104
Version: A
Nickname: Starfighter
Designation System: U.S. Air Force
Designation Period: 1948-1972
Basic role: Fighter
Crew: Pilot
Length: 54' 8" 16.6 m
Height: 13' 5" 4.0 m
Wingspan: 21' 9" 6.6 m
Wingarea: 196.1 sq ft 18.2 sq m
Empty Weight: 13,384 lb 6,071 kg
Gross Weight: 17,988 lb 8,159 kg
Max Weight: 25,840 lb 11,271 kg
No. of Engines: 1
Powerplant: General Electric J79-GE-3B (A/B 14,800Lb/6,713Kg)
Thrust (each): 9,600 lb 4,354 kg
Range: 730 miles 1,175 km
Cruise Speed: 519 mph 835 km/h 451 kt
Max Speed: 1,037 mph 1,669 km/h 902 kt
Climb: 60,395 ft/min 18,408 m/min
Ceiling: 64,795 ft 19,750 m
Ordinance: AIM-9B air-to-air guided missiles (2), M61 20mm Vulcan Cannon

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