Removed Information Edit

I removed the following bolded text, as it appears to be baseless speculation:

While the name of the affliction was generally pronounced "ben-dye," Sarek himself pronounced it "ban-dee" on at least one occasion; this suggests the possibility of a connection with David Gerrold's early TOS story premise, "Bandi," concerning a non-sentient, vaguely ursine, empathic telepath adopted as a pet by a crewmember, whose emotional projections endangered the ship.

Really, that's stretching it. – Cleanse 22:50, 22 November 2007 (UTC)

Modified reference to "Ban-dee" pronunciation. Edit

The page stated that the pronunciation "Ban Dee" was used on at least one occasion by Sarek. This is inaccurate, as it was his then wife who used that pronunciation (TNG: 3x23 "Sarek"). Her specific statement was "he does not have ban-dee syndrome and that shall be the end of it." This can all be verified by watching the segment of that episode from approximately 25 minutes in.

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