I always thought that the Alien was the image projected by the ship,is it the vidiot or is it the corbomite gas? was the young alien spacecraft named the fesarious. The ploy of this commander is the art of playing spacecat and mouse. As I rememeber the sequencing of the navigational moves it was completely terrorizing the great Enterprize. The captain is not in an illusion game {x}here,this is a clear federation lesson. Also the common order of civilization is to be met as well as the prime directives or the temporal lobe investigations are to be acknowledged when it comes to communication as well as logs.

Recorders or buoys will be controlled and not destroyed, such as the premise in the corbomite maneuvar, Called the USS Valiant episode

Oh, I get it. timecube. droll. Dangerdan97 11:37, 4 October 2007 (UTC)

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