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'Bajor' or 'Bajoran' system? Strictly speaking, it should be the 'B'hava'el' system (and has that appeared in DS9, or is it just from the DS9TM?), but which would be the correct terminology? -- DarkHorizon 14:43, 1 Jan 2004 (PST)

You are correct, the name of this page isn't quite consistent with the system that I tried to use for all star systems ('STAR NAME' System). I guess I just wasn't to sure about the name 'B'hava'el' myself - that name might have been on the systems map that was used in the background from time to time, but I doubt it was readable on-screen. I will create B'hava'el System as a redirect page to this one.
Regarding 'Bajor' vs. 'Bajoran' - the Sector is called 'Bajor Sector' on the Defiants dedication plaque, so the same form might be used for the system. I'm not absolutely sure about that, though. -- Cid Highwind 15:20, 1 Jan 2004 (PST)
I do not feel it should be called the "B'hava'el" System- it was never called that in the series, and was called the "Bajoran System" numerous times. Anything that conflicts with the primary guide of canon shouldn't be used.
Secondly, the page quotes the distance of the Bajoran system from Earth to be about 50 light years which is way too close. Astronomers today calculate the closest possible habitable star system to Earth to be 45ly away... placing Bajor so close just piddles on the entire series, as it is suppose to be far away.... Deep Space Nine.... On the frontier of Human expansion.
-Shakaar (Special:Contributions/

Andros canon? Edit

Is there any canon reference to Bajor VIII as being named Andros? If not, this parenthetical notation should be removed. If so, there should be a reference to it on the Bajor VIII page, and a redirect should be created. A redirect existed at one time, but was deleted in 2007. -- Renegade54 17:04, February 18, 2010 (UTC)

This was once mentioned here – never found a reference so it went away. But for the sake of argument, it appears to be associated with the episode "Past Prologue" and it wasn't in dialog, used as a script reference nor the okudagram found here. I have found, however, at the following: "Bajor VIII: Eighth planet in the Bajoran star system with six colonies containing several thousand Bajoran settlers. Its proper name is Andros and it has at least two moons." --Alan 18:27, February 18, 2010 (UTC)