We should be able to ascertain roughly when Asil was born from the infomation already on the site. Tuvok was born in 2264. Presuming he becomes adult when he turns 16, similar to humans, he has a pon farr every 7 years. On his 11th Pon farr, Asil was conceived, at about 2341. Also presuming a normal 9-month gestation, since nothing else has been said about Vulcan gestation, she should've been born in 2341-42. This also ties in with Kathryn Janeway being alive at the time of her kolinahr ceremony. She met Tuvok in 2363, when Asil should be 12-13 years old. By the time of her ceremony, Tuvok and Janeway had been friends for a long time. zsingaya 22:04, 26 Jun 2005 (UTC)

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