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In the script for "Broken Link" Kira says "the Klingons relinquished their claims to Archanis Four a hundred years ago". That would put the date in the 23rd century, not the 22nd century as stated in the article.

What is the reference to Archanis in "Arena" about? -- Warp One 14:56, 28 February 2006 (UTC)

Khitomer accords Edit

I am removing the sentence claiming that the Klingons formally relinquished the Archanis sector in the Khitomer Accords. The episode and script make no such statement. I am guessing that this is based on the time period and likely possible events of the time, but it doesn't jibe well enough to make that assumption. The episode takes place in 2372, 79 years after the signing of the Khitomer Accords (2293), not "a hundred years". Sure, "a hundred years" is probably not exact, but we are talking more than 20% difference, 21 years. Too large a margin of error if you ask me. Far more likely is that the sector was turned over in the Treaty of Organia, which was signed in 2267, or 105 years before the episode. 105 is well within the realm of a statement of "a hundred years ago". For all we know, this system was turned over in circumstances similar to Sherman's Planet.

That said, since neither was stated in the episode, neither should be stated as canon in the article. I am going to place a background note regarding the Treaty of Organia, though. --GO RED SOX 10:03, 25 October 2007 (UTC)

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