Leningrad ref Edit

Both IMDB and Wikipedia use the "Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg)" form. When he was born, the city was call Leningrad. It was renamed later. --StarFire209 13:58, 23 August 2007 (UTC)

Good catch. :) --From Andoria with Love 14:06, 23 August 2007 (UTC)
Actually, if you wish to be pedantic "Leningrad (formerly Petrograd, and now Saint Petersburg again)"... Still RIP Anton Yelchin... -RayBell (talk) 16:44, June 21, 2016 (UTC)

Red Shirt Edit

Considering the circumstances, it might be best to change Anton's picture to something other than a redshirt uniform. 13:29, June 20, 2016 (UTC) Lordjerle

I don't see it being a problem. I know where you're coming from, but I don't agree.-RayBell (talk) 16:45, June 21, 2016 (UTC)
FWIW, we'll probably change the photo when Beyond comes out on Blu-ray. --Alientraveller (talk) 14:41, June 22, 2016 (UTC)

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