Peer review Edit

  • Anyone with comments, suggestions, questions? It would be nice to get this article featured during the next weeks. --36ophiuchi 11:09, 31 July 2008 (UTC)
    • There's too many duplicated links! I've removed some of these, but there still seems to be an excess. --Defiant 00:33, 4 November 2008 (UTC)
    • Most of this article, or at least large sections of it, do not seem to be particularly written from the Andorians' perspective. I feel it should be more, as the article is titled "Andorian history" and is meant to be primarily from their point-of-view. --Defiant 09:09, 25 February 2009 (UTC)

Needs Attention Edit

Compared with other histories such as Romulan history or Human history this article needs attention. It's missing a table of contents, a logo or something similar and a quote would be nice if there is one. DhaliaUnsung 23:16, 5 May 2009 (UTC)

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