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Anaphylaxis is an severe, whole-body allergic reaction. After being stung by a bee, the person's immunogenicity becomes sensitized to that source of allergen. After the first exposure, an allergic reaction may occur. This time it will happen in increasing severity, is very sudden, and often involves the entire body. Airways tighten because tissues in other parts of the body release something called histamines.


Rapid Pulse
Swelling of extremities, face, or eyes.

Health care provider should wait to test for the specific allergen that caused anaphylaxis, if the cause isnt obvious.

Anaphylactic Shock is a severe disorder that can be deadly without immediate treatment. However, symptoms usually decrease with the right therapy, so it is important to act as soon as possible.


Airway blockage (Almost always)
Cardiac arrest (no heartbeat)
Respiratory arrest (no breathing)

Avoid known things that you are allergic to. Beestings are sometimes inescapable, but things such as severe reactions to peanuts can and have been known to sometimes cause airway restriction/blockage and cause the person to break out in hives. Sometimes, people who have a history of drug allergies may safely be given the medication they are allergic to after being pretreated with Prednisone and Anti-histamines.

Furthermore, people who have a past history of allergy to insect bites/stings should carry, and use, an emergency kit containing injectable Epinephrine and chewable Antihistamine(s).

This is all realworld information that can be found on any given medical website. That's not what we're here for. We're here to give a brief note as to what something is and then discuss its relevance in the Star Trek universe. -- sulfur 18:30, December 18, 2009 (UTC)