"The Voyage Home" was filmed not in Alameda, CA, but at Long Beach. The carrier you see is the USS Ranger. To actually see the USS Enterprise (CVN-65), see "The Hunt For Red October."

Summary of Changes Edit

This is a list of changes made to this page.

1.) Added a sentence where the base was located in the Yellow Pages.
2.) In 1986, its location in the East Bay was labeled on a MUNI system map. Added link for East Bay to Wikipedia.
3.) In that year, the aircraft carrier, USS Enterprise (CVN-65) was docked at this base. Changed to, In that year, two aircraft carriers, including the USS Enterprise (CVN-65), were docked at this base. In the film, a second unnamed carrier is visible astern of the Enterprise.
4.) Later that year, Pavel Chekov and Uhura were assigned by James T. Kirk to obtain uranium from a reactor of a nuclear vessel. Changed to, Later that year, Pavel Chekov and Uhura were assigned by James T. Kirk to collect high energy photons emitted by uranium in a naval ship's nuclear reactor.
5) The uranium would be used to recrystallize the dilithium on the HMS Bounty. Changed to, The photons would be used for recrystalling the HMS Bounty's dilithium crystals.
6.) The pair traced the uranium to this base, and eventually obtained the uranium from the number 4 main machine room of the Enterprise. Changed to, Upon finding a source for the photons in the main machine rooms of the Enterprise, they raided the ship at night for the photons.
7.) Added a sentence about Chekov being transferred to Mercy Hospital.
8.) Added a picture showing Enterprise.
9.) Added a background note on where the shots of the Enterprise were filmed.Lakenheath72 (talk) 02:23, February 13, 2015 (UTC)

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