Are we sure that cryonics satellite were active in 1994 ?

  • "About 370 years ago {2364}, you {Clare Raymond afraid in this scene} died of a massive embolism." => Clare Raymond died in 1994, if we take this information into account, knowing that the first informations about them are retrieved by Data from the ancient cryosat disk were fragmented (quite nothing is known for Clemonds "Much of his file, we could not retrieve.").
  • "Cryonics. It was a kind of fad in the late 20th century. People feared dying. It terrified them. So, at the moment of death, they would be frozen, so that at some time in the future, when a cure had been found for what killed them, they could be thawed, healed, and sent about their business." => We all know about cryogenics for years ("Forever Young" movie for example)
  • According to dialogs, the 3 resurrected lived in the 20th century but maybe also partly in the 21th century for 2 of them at least (but long before 2040). (Riker is wondering about how the humans survived "in the 21st century?") We don't know if Ralph Offenhouse (Age 55) and L.Q. Clemonds died in 1994 too.
  • We also don't know if they were launched that same year in a cryosat (maybe some had been stocked in an hangar for many years - except Clemonds who knew he would end in orbit) and why launch them in space ?
Raymond family tree, The Neutral Zone


  • After doing some search, Troi finds out (okudagram) that Clare is born in 1992 (Her husband's date : 1990-2057) and died in 2035 {during World War III ?}, - 42 years old which contrasts with the "Age 35" from the beginning when she was unconscious. Troi also showed her this file and the "10 generations" of Raymond.
  • "Actually, the process of cryonics was never more than a fad. It did not continue beyond the mid-21st century."
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