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Talaxian script

Talaxian script

The Talaxian language was the primary language spoken by the Talaxian people.

Nearly all Talaxian proper nouns contained the letter x (pronounced ks); this may be an honorific sound in the Talaxian language or merely a very common sound that seems to occur everywhere.

Talaxian writing resembles strings of long and short rectangles with curvy lines cut out of them. These lines are usually written in horizontal and vertical blocks. (VOY: "Homestead")

Talaxian Symbols

Talaxian symbols found on terminals aboard Neelix's ship

Known words and phrasesEdit

  • Omara s'alas - "good news has no clothes" (used by Neelix to explain the futility of hiding good news to Tom Paris (VOY: "Lineage")
  • Vaadwaur - reckless, foolish (in "the old tongue", aka Talax'ilzay)
  • Talax'ilzay - what ancient Talaxians called themselves

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