Takret particle weapon

A Takret particle weapon

Takret particle weapons in use

Two particle weapons in use

A Takret particle weapon was a type of weapon used by the Takret Militia in the 22nd century. The weapons of this type fired green-colored beams of energy.

Takret military officers were equipped with these weapons while invading Enterprise NX-01 in September 2152. In the starship's galley, three of the officers used Takret particle weapons in a battle with Captain Jonathan Archer. Though the Takret officers tried to aim and fire the weapons at him, he managed to evade the weapons fire, and the Takret eventually withdrew at their captain's command. (ENT: "The Catwalk")

These weapons were not given a name on screen. However, they were called "particle weapons" in the final draft script of "The Catwalk".

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