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Takret Captain

A Takret male, 2152

You might also be looking for the Takrit, a species from the Delta Quadrant.

The Takret are a humanoid species who originate from the Takret system. While relatively average government wise, their military forces are corrupt.


In 2152, three Takret hailed the Starfleet ship Enterprise warning them to let them come aboard, and jump to warp 7, as a neutronic storm was approaching. Since Enterprise's maximum speed was warp 5, the crew decided to hide out in the ship's catwalk in the warp nacelles. The crew allowed the three Takret civilians into the catwalk with them.

Several days into the journey through the wave front, the warp coils began their start-up program. It was no longer believed to be a malfunction, and Commander Tucker was sent to investigate. He found several Takret military officers in engineering, trying to start the warp core, unaware the crew was in the catwalk.

The Takret military had believed Enterprise was abandoned, and the crew took refuge on a nearby planet. The Takret captain looked through Enterprise's logs and personnel files, and in doing so got a good grasp of Captain Archer's personality and history.

The civilians reported that the military was after them for trying to leave the service. They'd noticed several officers had gone missing, and wanted out. Enterprise sent out several officers into the ship and flew the ship near an eddy, to make the Takret military believe they'd destroy the ship rather then hand it over to them. The Takret left, and Enterprise withstood the remainder of the storm. (ENT: "The Catwalk")


Takret faces have a series of ridges on their cheek bone, similar to the Zakdorns only upside-down compared to them, and less pronounced.

Takret physiology is immune to the affects of radiolytic isotopes and neutronic radiation, and they were never in danger when they entered the storm. They only went aboard Enterprise to hide from the military. Takret need to sleep only once in a week.

The Takret digestive system is different from that of Humans, and would have a difficult time digesting Human food. For this reason, they often bring along their own cookware and supplies.



The Takret utilize starships probably capable of at least warp 7, as Tagrim assumed Enterprise would be capable of it. The Takret starship that docked and boarded Enterprise had three impulse engines on its back, and two nacelles coming out of its front. A roll bar also protrudes from its top.

Their soldiers are also armed with some kind of particle weapons. They have a basic understanding of warp technology, as they were able to get Enterprise's warp engines to start. Their scanners were unable to penetrate the alloys in the catwalk, to find the crew. (ENT: "The Catwalk")


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