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Ensign Taitt was a junior officer aboard the USS Enterprise-D. She graduated Starfleet Academy in 2369 and wrote her senior honors thesis on solar dynamics. She was assigned to the Enterprise-D six weeks prior to the ship's encounter with Lore's Borg.

Taitt was one of the few officers of the skeleton crew left behind after most of the crew transported down to the Borg planet in search of Lieutenant Commander Data. Taitt served as a tactical officer while Doctor Beverly Crusher was in command. She was slightly hesitant to accept responsibility and was later relieved after Lieutenant Barnaby returned to the ship, although Crusher ordered her to remain on the bridge at the science station. The Enterprise-D was subsequently forced to hide in the corona of a star, trapped by the Rogue Borg ship.

Using information from her senior honours thesis, Taitt developed a plan to fire a carefully aimed particle beam to create a solar fusion eruption which would engulf the Borg vessel and allow the Enterprise-D to escape. The plan worked, and the eruption destroyed the Borg ship. Crusher commended Taitt for her original thinking. (TNG: "Descent, Part II")

Taitt was played by actress Alex Datcher.
The Star Trek: Starship Creator crew bios written by Mike and Denise Okuda give Taitt's first name as Zandra.

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