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Tactical laboratory

The tactical laboratory in 2367.

The Tactical laboratory was a room aboard a Federation starship were the tactical officer can review data and plan further proceedings.

In 2367, Worf and Ambassador Kell convened in the USS Enterprise-D's tactical lab to search for a pattern of Kriosian rebel attacks in the sectors surrounding Krios and the Ikalian asteroid belt. The room featured a large LCARS display (with a map of the sectors), another display with a map of Federation space, several consoles and two doors. (TNG: "The Mind's Eye")

For the appearance in "The Mind's Eye", the small laboratory adjacent to Doctor Beverly Crusher's medical office was redressed as the small tactical lab. On the Enterprise-D set, the door with translucent windows would lead to her office, the other door leads to the corridor. The map of Federation space, originally created for "Conspiracy" and seen behind Dexter Remmick in that episode is seen in the tactical lab as well. The script of the episode refers to the room simply as "Tactical area" while the call sheet for the episode is listing it as "Interior tactical map". The set was built on Paramount Stage 9.

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