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Tachyokinetic energy is a force which can be produced by certain forms of time travel technology and other devices capable of generating large quantities of tachyons.

The chronodeflector, a time travel-device invented by the Klingon scientist Korath in 2404, produced a large amount of tachyokinetic energy as a byproduct of its operation. This was a drawback of the chronodeflector's design, as the amount of energy produced posed the risk that the device would burn itself out after its first use, meaning that anyone using it to travel through time would not be able to return. Admiral Janeway appropriated this device as part of her plan to alter history and return the USS Voyager to the Alpha Quadrant sixteen years early. Although Harry Kim noted the deflector's drawback to the admiral, she stated that the mission she was embarking on was one-way, and she was not planning to return. Using the deflector to generate a temporal rift, she traveled back to 2378 and assisted the Voyager crew in using a Borg transwarp hub to return to Earth. (VOY: "Endgame")

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