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TV Zone was a British cult television magazine that was published between 1989 and 2008. The issues frequently had interviews with Star Trek actors and writers. The magazine also published specials, such as #34 which marked the end of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine in 1999.

Notable issuesEdit

Regular issuesEdit

Issue Cover Contents
#60, 1995 William Campbell discusses "The Squire of Gothos", "The Trouble with Tribbles" and "Blood Oath".
  • "The Honorable William Campbell"", Joe Nazzaro, pp. 15-17

Special issuesEdit

Issue Cover Contents
#34, 1999 Includes interviews marking the end of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine:
  • "Keeping Up Appearances" - Michael Westmore on his work on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, as well as Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Voyager. Steven Eramo, pp. 8-14.
  • "Behr Necessities" - Ira Steven Behr talks about Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and his brief time writing for Star Trek: The Next Generation. Steven Eramo, pp. 16-21
  • "A Profitable Venture" - Armin Shimerman on Quark. Steven Eramo, pp. 22-27
  • "Getting the Girl" - Interview with Max Grodenchik. Steven Eramo, pp. 28-32
  • "I, Spy" - Interview with Andrew Robinson. Steven Eramo, pp. 34-38
  • "Damar's Attacks!" - Interview with Casey Biggs. Steven Eramo, pp. 40-43
  • "I am Klingon!" - Interview with Michael Dorn. Steven Eramo, pp. 46-51
  • "Hail to the Chief" - Interview with Robert O'Reilly. Steven Eramo, pp. 52-55
  • "Class Act" - Interview with James Darren. Steven Eramo, pp. 58-63
  • "DSN Moments - Favorite and Defining" - Eight of the main cast members pick their favorite and most memorable episodes.
  • DS9 Season 7 episode guide, pp. 70-75
  • "The Arcs of Deep Space Nine" - Eight main arcs of the series, pp. 76-79
Issue Cover Contents
#41 2002 Includes interviews marking the end of Star Trek: Voyager:
Issue Cover Contents
#44 2002 Science fictions greatest villains:

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