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TV3 was a Hungarian cable television channel operating between 1994 and 2000. The channel was started in 1994, as one of the few privately owned cable channels operating in the early-1990s, on a small budget. In 1997, TV3 was bought by CME corporation, and contested for becoming a nation-wide non-cable channel, but lost out to RTL Klub and TV2. However, while continuing on cable, the channel was expanded, and became an almost nation-wide commercial broadcaster. The channel went bankrupt and off the air in early 2000.

TV3 was the first channel to broadcast a Star Trek series on TV in the country. It aired Star Trek: The Original Series (1997-1998) and the first two seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation (1998-1999) and also Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

The broadcast of The Original Series began on 2 November 1997 (with The Star Trek Saga: From One Generation To The Next documentary and "The Cage"), and concluded on 23 October 1998. The series was aired in production order. Originally it was scheduled to Sunday afternoons (repeated the next day, however repeats were soon abandoned), later moved to Saturday. From "This Side of Paradise", it was moved to both Saturday and Sunday, and to an earlier timeslot, near noon. The Next Generation continued in the same time slot, beginning on 24 October 1998, and ending on 4 April 1999. It was also shown in production order.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture was originally shown on Christmas Day, 1998, and later repeated occasionally. The movie had a newly dubbed Hungarian soundtrack, matching the characters' voices with the actors who did them in the dubbed version of The Original Series.

The Original Series was scheduled to be repeated from January, 2000, however the channel went bankrupt soon before this commenced.

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