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Pandora's Prodigy

Geordi La Forge's friend is killed in an assassination attempt while Jean-Luc Picard is attempting to negotiate a trade agreement.

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Old Debts

Robin Lefler gives Montgomery Scott a tour of the USS Enterprise-A in the Starfleet museum at Starbase 122. They are interrupted by Koloth who wants repayment for the incident with Tribbles before moving on to his last debt to be repaid.

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    1. Execution is nine-tenths of the job.
    2. When someone is trying to kill you, it's okay to sweat.
    3. Never send a Klingon a Tribble.


Background Information

  • This 64 page special featured 2 stories from different writers.



Canon characters listed below are linked to the main article about them. Non-canon characters are not linked, but those that recurred, appearing or being mentioned in more than one story, are defined further in DC TNG characters.


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#2: "TNG Special 2" DC TNG volume 2
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